Roofing Companies London, Ontario

London Ontario roofing companies londonhas many roofing companies but only one roofing company London is a Better Business Bureau Integrity Awards finalist: Armour Shield Roofing. Moreover, we have been awarded this Honor in 2 consecutive years: 2010 and 2011. This back to back award is unprecedented for a roofing company and we did it. Of all the roofing companies London, we stand alone: No London roofing company has done this before.

Now that you know you can trust us, your next question is are we the best roofing company in London Ontario? Since 2002 we have been providing London with London roofing maintenance and London roofing repairs, we have proven ourselves to be the London roofing specialists. We have accomplished this reputation through our commitment to providing London with top quality roofing services resulting in 100% satisfaction. How can we make this claim? Simple: zero complaints. We challenge you to find another London roofing company who can make this claim. If no other London roofing company can make this claim, then it stands to reason that Armour Shield Roofing is the best roofing company in London Ontario.