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Can You Live in Your Home While Redoing Your Roof

If your roof needs to be replaced, you may be wondering if you can live in your home while the work is being done. The short answer is yes, you can stay in your house while the roofers do their job. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible. Read on for tips on how to live in your home while getting a new roof.

Be Aware Of Safety Hazards

First, it’s important to be aware of the safety hazards that come with having workers on your roof. Make sure you keep yourself and your family away from any areas where construction is taking place. You may want to close off certain parts of your house so that you can minimize exposure to noise and dust as much as possible.

Consult With The Roofers

Second, make sure you inform the roofers about potential hazards in your house such as live wires or other risks that could impact their work. This will help them stay safe while they are working on your roof and give them the information they need to do their job correctly.

Create A Plan Before The Roofing Project Starts

Third, create a plan ahead of time for when the roofers need access to the inside of your house. If you are not home, make sure to leave a key with someone who can help the roofers get in and out quickly. You may also want to plan for alternate sleeping arrangements if you cannot stand the noise or dust inside your own home.

Living in your home while getting a new roof certainly isn’t ideal, but with these tips, you can minimize the disruption and make sure the job gets done safely and efficiently. Contact Armour Shield Roofing for a roofing estimate today!

A roofing contractor measures a home roof with a measuring tape.

Armour Shield Roofing strongly discourages homeowners from going up and down ladders or doing repairs on their roofs. The accidents and fatalities sustained by untrained individuals are tragic and avoidable by calling a professional roofing contractor.


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