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As far as home renovations go, replacing your roof may not be the most exciting improvement, but it is undoubtedly one of the most important.

Your roof serves as the first layer of protection – guarding your house against significant damage from the elements.

If your home needs roof replacement, it is not something that should be put off. It can be pricey, yes – but not nearly as expensive as having to repair all the damage that can come as the result of a failed roof. At Armour Shield Roofing, we have more than two decades of experience helping homeowners with roof replacements and other roofing services. And all our work comes with our 10 Point Integrity Guarantee.

Roofing Materials

At Armour Shield Roofing, we are proud to use only top-quality materials that are offered by manufacturers that supply our region.

Below is a list of the top four manufacturers that supply our region with roofing products. Our sales team will be happy to further discuss with you the different products available, provide you with more information, and answer any of your questions.






Cost Considerations

Roof replacement is one of the more expensive home improvements that you can make, but several considerations go into your final cost.
These factors include:
• Choice of roofing materials
• Pitch (steepness) of your roof
• Square footage of your roof

What is Involved During Roof Replacement?

Generally, a roof replacement process for an average size home takes about 2 to 4 days. Below is a brief description of the process:

1• Remove existing shingles carefully and dispose from the jobsite

2• Minor repairs are made on plywood if needed; otherwise, new plywood is installed to replace the old and damaged plywood

3• Install new drip edge at the bottom of the roof to direct the water to the Eavestroughs

4• Install Ice and water membrane where needed to help prevent possible damage from ice damming situations

5• Install underlayment which creates an additional barrier to protect the home from water leakage

6• Install new valley flashing to replace the old ones where applicable

7• Install new flashing where needed to areas like chimneys and walls to replace the old and deteriorated flashings

8• Install new roof vents, exhaust vents, and plumbing vent flashing to replace old ones

9• Install new shingles chosen by the customer

10• Final clean-up is done which includes using magnetic tools to pick up any nails or metal debris

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