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How do I Know When I Should Replace my Roof?

When should I replace my roof? How long a roof lasts depends on a lot of variables.

Armour Shield Roofing strongly discourages homeowners from going up and down ladders or doing repairs on their roofs. The accidents and fatalities sustained by untrained individuals are tragic and avoidable by calling a professional roofing contractor.

Sun effects, climate ramifications, inadequate attic insulation or roof venting, can all contribute to a roof’s shingles’ doing any of the following: buckling, blowing-off, blistering, cupping, losing granules, ice damming, telegraphing and ageing, any of which can point to imminent shingle replacementIt is no wonder we never quite know when we should be calling the roof doctor to repair or replace your roof in London, Ontario. However, your roofing instincts are about to get better.

Assaad, owner of Armour Shield Roofing of London, has been rated an exceptional roofing company since he started his company in 1996. Here, he answers your questions of how you should know when to consider a roof replacement.

He even goes a step further to suggest:f replacement.

  • How long your roof has left once an indicator arises.
  • Helpful hints that might solve a shingle problem.

The following is a list of sure signs it is close to the time that you should replace your roof shingles.

Blown off shingles could mean it is time to replace your roof:

A couple of things can cause shingle blow-off; if nails from the uppermost shingle are placed too high, they do not go through the shingle beneath it, allowing the lower shingle to loosen.

However, when you see this happening to a large extent, it could also be due to improper roof venting, a lack of attic insulation or it is shingle-age related. Through old-age or moisture degradation from roof deck rot, shingles lose their adhesive hold, which allows the nail holes to loosen; in turn, the shingles eventually blow off.

Helpful Hint: Read Armour Shield Roofing’s roof repair page  By focusing on the roof areas that have been damaged by a tree or in a storm, it makes sense as a way of extending your roof replacement. Armour Shield adds the proper venting which helps damp air from your attic escape, lessening the likelihood of your roof deck transferring moisture through to the back of your shingles.

Time left? At some point, you will weigh the time spent on these temporary repairs against a total roof replacement or venting

Missing granules or aggregates could mean shingle ageing:

Have you laid awake wondering what those granules are that you see in the eve trough or on the ground? The aggregate on the surface of a shingle is just that, crushed rock covered with a ceramic coating and heated onto the surface of the shingle. As the shingles age, the bond between the granules and the shingle face disintegrates.

Helpful Hint: A small amount in your gutter is normal breakdown.

Time left? If there is a lot of granule loss, two-thirds or more of your expected roof life is gone.

Aging shingle

Curled or cupped shingles allow water to migrate behind them:

Curled shingles are caused by the sun drying a shingle that has first had a granular loss. Curled (or cupped) shingles allow water to migrate behind them, eventually causing more water damage to the roof base. 

Helpful Hint: Since 1996, Assaad of Armour Shield Roofing has emphasized that when one roof section deteriorates, usually that which faces the southwest exposure, the rest of your roof is not far behind.

You can spend more money perpetually fixing one roof section at a time. It is best to replace the roof as one unit. Check your roof during high winds and thunderstorms; if you see shingles blowing off, it is time to call your roofing specialist to have a look.

Time left? It is best not to leave this for long. 0-2 years once you notice one of your roof sections has curled shingles.


Winter ice damming across your roof can cause a lot of damage:

A lot of snowfall can cause snow build-up on eaves, the approximate lower three feet across a roof. If the roof experiences heating from the attic, the snow collects, then melts and refreezes in place. The water can back up under the shingles during its thaw, especially if they are older and have experienced granular loss and cupping (or curling). The refreezing of the trapped water lifts the shingle, leading to more shingle cupping and eventual water damage to the roof face.

Helpful Hint: Ice dams are mostly caused by inadequate attic insulation, allowing warm house air to enter the attic, and heating the underside of the roof which contributes to the thawing and freezing of snow on your roof.

Proper roof vents allow attic heat to exit, soffit vents allow cool outside air to enter the attic modulating its temperature and keeping the roof cold which is imperative to prevent the freeze and thaw of ice damming. Clogged eave troughs do not allow the thawed roof water to drain. Read our post about evestrough maintenance.

Time left? If you complete the necessary attic insulation and or additional venting, that may be enough to solve the problem. However, if this has been a yearly occurrence for a long time, accumulated roof damage may already be established.

Roof damage

If your roof is 10 – 20 years old, it is nearing the end of its lifetime:

A typical roof lasts from 15 – 25 years. (Depending on the quality of the shingle) However, weather-weary shingles, especially in Canada’s climate, often show their age long before their shelf-age.

The sun and its drying effects, winter freeze and thaw, and other factors can shorten the life of a roof face by a decade.

Helpful Hint: As you reach the life span of your roof, check it after high winds or a thunderstorm for blown-off shingles, granular loss and curled shingles. Armour Shield Roofing will provide you with a detailed assessment of your roof.

Armour Shield Roofing is an A + rated roofing company with ZERO customer complaints. Give them a call at 519 858 5044 for roof replacement and service work.

The people at Armour Shield Roofing have parents too.

We realize the vulnerability associated with one’s age; so, we have created our ‘Seniors Roofing Promise’ to alleviate any concerns.
You can read it here.

Armour Shield Roofing strongly discourages homeowners from going up and down ladders or doing repairs on their roofs. The accidents and fatalities sustained by untrained individuals are tragic and avoidable by calling a professional roofing contractor.


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